Welcome to Little Chiefs
Imagine you're on a tropical island, you wander along the coast, soon finding yourself surrounded by lush jungle.  After a quick stop at a fruit stand, a dreamy visit to a waterfall, you take a wrong turn...oops - but not 'oops' because you've come across this little brand of kids clothing hanging in the window of a tiny shop that was once the weigh station for a historic pineapple cannery - wait, what?!  Well you just stumbled into our world!  Inside this getaway you'll find us designing our next collection, sketching fabric prints, and preparing patterns to send off to our little factory (which is on another jungle island) ... and you'll find us! We'll be happy to meet you and hoping to make you smile with all our creations.
If you can't make it to our little island, no worries - you now have this website!  It is a doorway into our world, we'll make it special for you by adding exclusive styles only sold here, vintage aloha and more!  We can't wait to send a piece of 'Aloha' from our little island in the big blue - to you!
Our latest print collection
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A quick but important note about our practices - we're slow fashion, use sustainable fabrics and print with safe water based inks. We know 'who' makes our clothing, it is our desire to treat our craftsmen as friends and family so we've recently set up our own ethical factory. This allows us full control over how our worker's are treated, the factory's working conditions and how production waste is managed.
All of our prints are hand drawn, we believe hand made elements connect us to each other. Little Chiefs takes pride in creating original works so your little one will always be rocking something different from the crowd!
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Mahalo for your interest in us!